About Us

Welcome to the Construction Forecasts website of BuildForce Canada (formerly the Construction Sector Council), a national industry-led organization committed to working with the construction industry to provide information and resources to assist with its management of workforce requirements.

As a key component of BuildForce Canada’s comprehensive Labour Market Information (LMI) Program, Construction Forecasts is an online delivery system that provides access to the data series that make up our forecast scenario.

On this website you will find:

  • comprehensive labour supply and demand forecast data
  • customizable tables and graphs
  • downloadable reports

Specific information found on the Construction Forecasts website includes the economic environment faced by the construction industry in all Canadian provinces and territories, residential and non-residential investment outlook, labour demand and supply forecasts over a 10-year period for more than 30 trades and occupations, retirement patterns in construction and a ranking of labour availability.

The labour market information provided here is as accurate and up-to-date as possible thanks to repeated vetting, validation and refinement by industry, as well as federal and provincial governments, training and education providers and users of construction services, all of which have their fingers on the pulse of the construction industry.

This information is also published annually in a series of national and regional documents entitled Construction and Maintenance Looking Forward. Previous reports dating back to 2005, as well as the current provincial and territorial highlights reports are available for free download on the BuildForce Canada website. The current National Summary Report, provincial PowerPoint presentations, and data are available for a fee from this website’s Product page.

For more information about BuildForce Canada, please visit our website at www.buildforce.ca.