Trades helpers and labourers

(trades combined and reported under an aggregate trade/occupation)

Trades helpers and labourers: Construction trades helpers and labourers assist skilled tradespersons and perform labouring activities at construction sites.

Example titles: asphalt spreader, bricklayer helper, carpenter helper, concrete mixer helper, construction helper, construction labourer, demolition worker, drywall sander, flagman/woman, glazier helper, labourer – concrete paving, labourer – excavation, pipeline mandrel operator, plumber helper, roofer helper, stabber – pipeline construction

Other trades helpers and labourers: This unit group includes trades helpers and labourers not elsewhere classified who assist skilled tradespersons and perform labouring activities in the installation, maintenance and repair of industrial machinery, refrigeration and heating and air conditioning equipment, in the maintenance and repair of transportation and heavy equipment, in the installation and repair of telecommunication and power cables and in other repair and service work settings.

Example titles: aerial spraying assistant, aircraft mechanic helper, cable installer helper, diesel mechanic helper, ground worker – telecommunications, mechanic’s helper – automotive, millwright helper, refrigeration mechanic helper, splicer helper – telecommunications, surveyor helper