Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Construction Forecasts website?

The Construction Forecasts website is a component of BuildForce Canada’s Labour Market Information (LMI) Program. The site offers a web-based delivery system that enables industry and other key stakeholders to access forecast data on an ongoing basis to help them understand construction investment activity and employment demand and supply in the residential and non-residential sectors.

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What specific information is available on the Construction Forecasts website?

As a key component of BuildForce Canada’s comprehensive LMI Program, the Construction Forecast website includes:

  • forecast data on the economic environment faced by the construction industry in all Canadian provinces and territories
  • residential and non-residential investment outlook
  • labour demand and supply forecasts over a ten-year period for more than 30 skilled construction trades and occupations
  • markets for trades and occupations
  • retirement patterns in construction trades
  • potential for labour mobility
  • national, provincial and territorial reports

The labour market information provided is as accurate and up-to-date as possible thanks to repeated vetting, validation and refinement by our LMI regional network of committees that represent owners, contractors, and labour in all sectors of construction, as well as federal and provincial governments, and training and education providers.

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What is the LMI Program?

The Labour Market Information (LMI) Program uses the most advanced and detailed industry model available in Canada to accurately present a scenario for the current and future demand and supply of construction labour in this country. LMI forecast scenarios, which have been produced since 2005, are based on forecasting models and approaches pioneered by the Construction Owners Association of Alberta and the Commission de la construction du Québec.

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How are the data from the LMI Program made accessible?

LMI data are used annually to generate the national, provincial and territorial Construction and Maintenance Looking Forward reports. Previous reports as well as the current national, provincial and territorial highlights reports are available for free download on the BuildForce Canada website. The current provincial PowerPoint presentations and data are available for a fee on this website’s Product page.

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What information do the reports provide?

Data in the Construction and Maintenance Looking Forward reports answer three key questions about Canada’s construction industry:

  1. What trades and occupations skills are required to meet the needs of the construction industry?
  2. How many workers are needed?
  3. Where can these workers be found?

The reports also identify international, national, provincial and territorial economic conditions that affect the Canadian construction industry, as well as building trends and major projects on the horizon. In addition, the reports feature analyses of the availability of labour for more than 30 trades and occupations, including managers and related groups by province/territory.

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How does the construction industry and other stakeholders use the data?

This labour market information is used by owners, contractors, labour groups, estimators, training providers, national and provincial/territorial organizations and governments to:

  • predict labour market trends and personnel requirements
  • project the movement of trade labour from province to province
  • make policy decisions
  • develop appropriate training and recruitment strategies to ensure that there is an adequate supply of skilled tradespeople to meet the needs of Canada’s construction industry.

With this knowledge, the construction industry can confidently invest in new construction, knowing that Canada has the workforce necessary to deliver projects on time and on budget.

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How can I obtain additional information about the LMI Program?

For additional information about the LMI Program contact BuildForce Canada in Ottawa at 613-569-5552 or by e-mail at

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